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Minnesota Mini - Fall 2010

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Heck, I have to ward off numerous "what, Christmas lights already??" comments when I'm setting up in early November the way it is (they don't come from my immediate neighbors, but from people walking down the nearby trail).

To be fair, we also get a fair number of "we're really looking forward to it again" comments...

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I'll be there. Yes. it's me. I'm still alive.

I plan to do my entire settup in one day. Last year 12 of us did it in 3 hours. Cost me $65 in pizza though. November 6, 10:30 your all invited to help.

Nov 6? You're allowing plenty of extra time! Or do you light up on the 7th? :)

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One week to go!

I should have a projector available if you want to bring sequences or videos to show off.

Here is some of the stuff I have:

(Let me know if you are interested in it, and I’ll make sure it is out of the storage area)

Mega tree pole and portable hole

Mega (13’ x 9’) “Bethlehem” star (Still under construction, but should be close to ready)

10’ 5 pointed star

Renard light controllers (24, SS24, 24LV, 64 & 4 ch SSR)

Power (240 volt / 100 amp sub panel)

EDM FM transmitter

15’ 7 channel arch(s)

3 color mini tree(s)

We’ll see you next week!


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How late are you guys hanging out? I won't be avail until 4. Guessing most will be gone by then?

If I remember, last year went long, plus there was a football game to watch. :)

I'll PM you my phone number, and if you want, you can call to see what's going on.


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I wish that I could have made it!!

I was packed the van lwas oaded with a CCR, 10ft diameter 14 ft tall 32 channel wheel (some of you seen it at the Spring Mini out here) and a wire frame 6 ft tall angel with controllers made to raise up and down a 22 ft vertical slide, then a family emergency came up so I could not make it down there!!

Everybody here is okay now.

I hope some of you that attended took some pictures and will post them??


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I want to than Mark for hosting a great mini. I think everyone had great time and learned a few more things or it's at least more clear.

Mark showed off his new DC controller and we compared a few LED flood lights and a huge star. I showed some of my controllers and SSR's and shared a bit of history. We had an open round table like discussion that included various dissuasions from display techniques to different ways to fall off a ladder.

I took a camera with the intent to take pictures but I guess I got caught up in the excitement so all I have is my own memories.:o

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