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Interactive dance floor using LSP and the Wii band Hero Drums and Guitar

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Here is a video of a party i set up for the weekend, I used 14 Rainbow Floods connected through a tiger 48 board running from Lightshow Pro. The Wii guitar and Drums were in control of the lighting using the LightShow Pro Wii feature and Karaoke was also part of the fun which gave that band feeling, it was a lot of fun for all.

Now i have a reason to use Lightshow Pro, my hardware and lights for any special occasion as the effect was great and a lot of people actually thought i was hired out for the night as a professional DJ. So it was a success for the night and now i have other relatives wanting me to do the same for their special occasions.

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Great Job Eddy!!!! That makes me want to have more than this years Christmas lights controlled by the Wii Guitar. Currently I have it hooked up to 16 -42 inch minitrees on the roof, my megatree and lighted fencing after seeing your video I may have to add the windows, trees and bushes into the mix!!!! Keep up the great work!

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Did you put in particular songs and play the Karaoke thru light show pro or was the karaoke and lightshow pro separate items? In other words, give us a little detail as to how you did this and how much work was required:)


The karaoke was a separate program running on the same computer. LightShow Pro was used to control the lights with a simple sequence that was controlling a mirror light only and had the Wii mappings to the other channels to control the floods and the strobe light via the Wii guitar and drums live.

I was able to do multiple things as all i did was clone the controller in LSP to then give extra combinations as well. I also used an LOR AC board to also control a strobe light.

The hardware used:

1 x Tiger 48 channel DC DMX Controller

1 x LOR 16PC AC controller running in DMX

1 x RPMs enttec pro compatible DMX Dongle

14 x Pondudes Rainbow Floods controlled by the tiger 48 DC DMX controller (12VDC)

1 x DMX controlled moving mirror light

1 x strobe light controlled by the LOR 16PC controller (240 Volts AC)

1 x Wii band hero Guitar connected through bluetooth to Lightshow Pro

1 x Wii band hero Drums connected through bluetooth to Lightshow Pro

1 x Pentium 3ghz dual core 4 gigs ram with a HD4870 1gb Video card running Win 7 64bit, Lightshow Pro and Just Karaoke 1.0

2 x LCD monitors 21 inch and 19 inch

1 x 12VDC 350 watt switch mode power supply

The sound system was hired out but i had already ran this at home through my own sound system when i was testing and setting up. I just used the sound output jack from the computer to connect to the sound system.

As far as the work involved in doing this, as with everything new there is a steep learning curve, but once you have passed that, its easy to set up and run. The hardest thing is actually wiring all the lights up to the controller but this will change as ill be connecting plugs to the controllers and all the lights so it wont take as long to set up next time.

I also created a separate sequence that controlled all the lights without the Wii input and mappings. This was useful later on in the evening when the kids were getting tired and the adults started letting loose. Again the effect was great as the below video shows, a lot of fun had by all by using what is effectively part of my christmas light display for this year.

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