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What computer do you use desktop or laptop to run your show

desktop or laptop to run your show  

  1. 1. desktop or laptop to run your show

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I use an old Dell Latitude C-400 laptop.

I have several of them, one for the primary show computer, another for taking outside and using remote desktop connection to tweak things on the show computer , and another for Internet connection in the garage and if needed ,a back-up show computer.

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I used a laptop the first three years but after having sound issues two of them I'm going to use a desktop (with quiet fans and a SSD drive for low noise) this year with remote desktop. I also have a backup motherboard, hard drives etc just in case a disaster hits. And if it gets really bad, a spare machine to to use.

If it wouldn't be for sound issues and the need for an serial adapter this year a laptop sitting on the kitchen counter is a nice easily assessable option.

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I many use the desktop for the show and laptop for testing, setups, remote desktop and on :-)

the mp3 director is use for landscaping lighting for rest of the year.

new this year I got an eMachines 2.8Ghz w/win7 I was going to get a newer XP computer but for the cost it workout

that the eMachines i got more for my money..

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Have a Dell P4 3.0 tower with XP Pro, dedicated to run the lights. It's so quiet that every now and then during the day I have to move the mouse to make sure it's still on. Looking to get a cheap lap top to tweak the sequences while outside. As the quantity of channels keeps growing it's getting to be a P I A to keep running in and out to make adjustments.

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I use a laptop for all of my programming and testing, but for the show itself, I am pulling one of my old XP machines (I have 4 or 5 in the garage) out of retirement and putting it into use. I will probable use the P4 2ghz machine with 2x20gb drives and 768mb RAM.


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