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The Smashed Pumpkins

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this is my 1st post on Planet Christmas, for Halloween I put on a rock show! this will be my 2nd year doing a band. I call them the Smashed Pumpkins.

finished up all my 2010 Halloween sequencing here is a sneak peek


this was my halloween display last year


I am sticking with the same concept just making it ten times bigger!!!

I am going to start putting everything up on tuesday and I hope to have them on and running by Sat the 2nd.

let me know what you think!!

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Nice job. Excellent job on the sequencing. It is very tedious work to get it right. Very well done.

I know video messes up when shooting dark scenes is it actually brighter when in person if the lights are off?

I was thinking you might want to put some low wattage floods to light it up a bit in between sequences. It's hard too see in the video so you may not have to in real life...

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WOWOW!!!! That is AWESOME!! I have never even thought of adding something like this to a Halloween Display, but it makes complete sense!! Why not have a Live Halloween Concert of Pumpkin/Spook People for the trick or treaters or visitors to see leading up to Halloween, Gives me some ideas for next year!

Also your videography skills are very Rock Music Video esk! All of the cuts and camera movements really make it look like a Music Video. This is Awesome, now I just need a projector to play your music videos on this year :P

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the complements. I am itching to get home and get to work on it to finish! I hope to have the stage complete tonight... like I mentioned, I will post pictures as soon as I get home from work. it is coming together quit nice! I had several neighbors come over last night while I was putting up these 10ft light trusses, asking me what my theme will be this year. I have tons of people walk by and tell me they just wanted to show their kids how the display is progressing, but I know it is for them, lol... I just hope it will look as good as I imagine it!

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I think that was Fantastic......That setup ........How did you think of that? IMO that covers it all for Halloween YOu have Goblins, Music syncronized to lights.....You don't have to be concerned about scaring the kids....I'm tearing my setup down and copying yours if you don't mind.


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i took this with my phone, not the greatest qual.

Here is one of the back of the stage... this is unfinshed of course, but it will give you an idea to what I am trying to do.... i have completed the stage, I have more pictures I will upload later, I have built the giant spiderweb, and the Drummer is done. I will post more pics later.

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Please understand I have about 2-3 hours everynight to work on this.

Monday - mowed the yard and set the back two light trusses for halloween, notice that my oak tree branches were in line site, so I trimmed them back.

Tuesday - placed the front two light trusses hammered all the stakes for the band memebers, built a 10ft by 14ft spiderweb between the back two trusses.

Wednesday - stuffed all the band memebers with hay, built the side wall supports for stage, assembled the singer, bass, and drummer. no heads yet

Thursday - hung all strobes, glow in the dark spiderweb, put up all 40 flood lights, finshed all the band memebers, controler #1 is in the yard, nothing plugged into it yet. tested a few of the floods to see how bright it will shine on neighbors home across the street...ummmm... 20 white floods may have been over kill... but it looks sweet!!

Friday - I hope to get all controlers in the yard and plugged in to run some test before lights on on Saturday.

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Just a couple of day time pictures... I will post night pics and Videos by the end of the week!!!


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