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Home Depot Christmas molds


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I live in the middle of nowhere and have to get my stuff through Ebay or Bronners. I found I could do better on some things through Bronners because it was new. Shipping is a killer but the sellers on Ebay want even more than Bronners to ship some stuff.

I just wish someone would make a few more items for the lifesize nativity set. I purchased 3 camels to go with the wisemen and 4 sheep for the shepherd to give it more realistic looks, but wish you could get lifesize ox and donkey. I purchased a pair of the Union nativity stars from Ebay sellers and am going to place them back to back to give them more 3D appearance and I purchased a 39 inch Santas Best nativity Angel with harp. If anyone has any suggestions on any other lifesize animals for the stable that can be lit up please let me know.

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If you go to the home depot site and type in under search General Foam or Polyeythelene, several more molds appear, however some are already out of stock (I dont think some were ever available).


They had some available, but with free shipping you can't pass up a deal like that.

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