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Same display 2 years in a row, is this reccomended?

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I generally try to get a few new songs in and add some elements each year, that is just me. If you are experiencing burnout, I really don't think using the same show is a bad idea. If you have lots of visitors, they are coming now because it has become part of their "tradition" for the holiday season.We all have unique displays because we take alot of pride in our hobby and for the most part the visitors appreciate the work it takes us to put up our displays.


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I say, change out stuff only if you have the time and energy. Add to it but don't try to change everything.

Last year my grandson moved to another elementary school and my wife and I did not want to disappoint the people at his old school, so we decorated it again as well as the outside of his new school and inside. Kathy tends to go overboard on her ideas. I guess you could say she has move ahead of me in fanaticism for decorating. Wound out kind of burned out with all the projects going on and did not really do our own yard as much as usual. She wants to change everything around every year. More work for the both of us. Last Sept. we were doing decorations for Halloween at both schools and she wound going in the hospital with chest pains. Heart cath showed a little more clogging. Well, now she is trying to come up with Easter for both schools and last weekend she would up at the hospital with chest pains again. Okay now but she really needs to quit stressing so much and take it easy. Trying to take care of 3 grandchildren ages 15 months to 8 years can be a bit much also.

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