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Anyone recognize this Toccata???

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Howdy Folks,

We're trying to get ready for Halloween and wanting a good version of Toccata And Fugue in D minor, and I think we found what we want to edit down*from, but the problem is that we found it in my huge music collection and it is incomplete.. I have no idea where it came from, who recorded it, or what album it might have come from.

So... Based on this minute and a half sample, can anyone tell me who did this version so I can go out and purchase it?


Many thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the responses.

hrmmm... That you tube link ends at the same point my MP3 does... (not the excerpt I shared, the longer but still incomplete one which I have in my library)..

Does it just not have a proper ending?

Can't find it in any of Jean Michale J'eare's stuff, or under "Jean Michel Jarre" either.

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