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Not feeling it this year

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I was excited about decorating, and actually though that I was ahead of schedule for a change. Then the 10" Very Heavy snow came on Saturday. Pretty much everything that Was done is now in shambles or at least in need of repair. It was not a motivating snowstorm. I'm going to wait for it to warm up, melt the snow, and see if see if I can fix stuff and get my dober up.

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I am the one that started this thread. Well I felt it literally Sunday, pulled the plug out of the end of an ext. cord and got a little shock, from the male cord on the lor that I just out! Stange, must have been some power stored in there or mayby (can't remember) if the other side of the controller was plugged in or not, that is how the power got to me.

I am better now, been having great weather, display is still a little behind, but looking decent and a BIG thanks to follow pc-er (who lives close) Earl Flannigan, who loaned me a couple controllers,some arches and some lights and gave me lots of encouragement. His additions have really made the show look better. I did have a little set back, I blew out 1 side of one of my lor controllers, may be the fuse (I hope) bt having problems getting it out of the fuse holder.

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I did have a little set back, I blew out 1 side of one of my lor controllers, may be the fuse (I hope) bt having problems getting it out of the fuse holder.

The stuck fuse is most likely a bad fuse holder, several years ago there was a batch of holders where the cap gripped the fuse too much and did not allow the little spring in there to push the fuse firmly against the contact in the base of the holder, that resulted in arcing and heat build-up and melted the bottom of the holder. Call LOR and they will send you new fuse holders..

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Hey, Jim. Isn't that part of what Christmas is all about? Helping others spread the cheer. Had to scale back a bit this year due to budget probs (budget was nonexistent!), so I'd rather have some of the stuff out doing some good rather than it sitting in the basement.

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Nice name, not sure what it stands for. Anyway, sorry for the late delay, I did send you a PM. In Breif,

what a "Mummer" is a group of musicians that get together and develop a show which includes props, music and costumes. We bascially have "marshalls" which are very helpfull with pushing, arranging and positionong props as we move up the street. Everything must be mobile.

This is a Philadelphia tradition that started many years ago. I'm not sure if anyone watches "America has Talent", but our "sister" division called the Fancies actually made on the show. Keep in mind, they are completely different, all props and dancing.

I am in the string band called Durning. Our web site is: http://www.durningstringband.com. This site was developed by my son.

We must play our music as we perform our drill.

John Pidliskey

NJ / Will have new web site up soon!

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I'm pretty much done putting up :) ..this year will be around 5000 lights (decorated yes, but display no, LOL) last year was 25k

No computer control (i'll probably just use a 'color organ' but most likely no music. LOL just like 'old times')


on a side note:

I've started putting up trees inside...

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The Spirit filled me a couple weeks back and it has been full throttle since. Today we are at 85% up and ready for go live maybe a night early on Wednesday...at least we will be testing it then...

The frustration tonight came when some of the lights quit working....hopefully replugging everything in the daylight tomorrow will make it all work just fine...2 mini trees need to be checked and probably a light string replaced....the deer were a challenge today. Tomorrow we should have the Mega Tree all together and from there we are down to some strings up high in trees....it is really taking shape!!!

Hope everyone else is now filled with the spirit as well!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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