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Gemmy Halloween Strobe lights

Kathy Byrd

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This is a link to Gemmy's Halloween Strobe lights:


I was wondering if anyone has figured a way to kill the noisemaker and just use the strobe lights?


Open the control box (hopefully it's screwed or just pushed (tabbed) together and NOT glued), find the speaker and cut one of the wires, put the box back together and no more sound effects. NOTE: Some of these thing use a small metal circular looking disc with wires soldered to it, this is a "piezo" speaker, just cut one of the two wires (or both) going to it and you'll silence it.

I've done this with many NOISE-MAKING props/lights that I didn't like the sound effect or sounds it put out.

I also usually convert them to electric via a DC adapter that matches the voltage reguired, i.e. 2 AA batteries = 3vdc, 4 AA = 6vdc or 6 AA = 9vdc or 8 AA = 12vdc (batteries can be any size from AAA, AA, C, D, 9 Volt pr 6-12 volt Lantern battery types.

So I just find an appropriate wal-wart (DC Adapter - which I have a LOT of in my "Junk Box") and hard wire correctly to the proper +/- sides to the lights/prop so I don't worry about batteries going dead on me. You need a multi-meter or some way of checking the polarity of the DC adapter output so you don't wire it in backward and damage the unit you're modifying.

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