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Any one ever see this or know anything about it? Would love to get details.

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I'd actually use it outside the mega tree just outside the lights. You can also follow the taper of the tree. Use 3/4" EMT cross brackets off your center pole. Clamp the black irrigation tubing to these as you corkscrew your way down. I was going to do that this year but ran out of channels. For a neater effect start one on each opposite side. The guy in California that did a sequence with Guitar Hero last year has this.


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I would think that it was made out of the black well piping. But it was a really great effect!

At various points around the center pole of the mega tree place horizontal pieces at different angles around the tree. It should work placing cross members at 180 degrees(forming 4 90 degree sections). The closer you place them the tighter the spiral will be. Then attach the lights at the end points of the cross members angling them downward to the next cross member below.

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