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Can CCRs be linked together?

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Yes, BUT the joining is a DIY exercise and they must be powered correctly.

See LOR forum http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum89/22431.html

I now have 3 pairs joined (as pairs) and they operate fine. I am using them as outlines on my eaves. I have set all 3 controllers to the same address so they all perform identical sequences with reduced programming time.

Regards Geoff

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CCRs can be joined together but at a sacrifice. What happens is that you will have to reduce the resolution of the strip, so normally a CCR can have 50 controllable pixels but when you join them you then end up with 1/2 the amount of controllable pixels (25 per strip if joining 2 strips), so in effect an individual controllable section ends up being 2 pixels instead of the single pixel control that one strip has. This also will reduce your fading resolution by 1/2 as well. This is actually in the CCR manual and describes the function of adding extra CCRs to a controller and what sacrifices are needed. The only issue is that LOR dont sell the CCR strip by itself. Im sure if you ask they would provide but i would believe you may void your warranty.

The example that Geoff gives is in parrallel so each strip does exactly the same as eachother, this way there is no resolution loss. The way i mention is the series way that enable the 2 strips joined together to effectively act a 1 long strip. Both ways require an extra power supply for powering the second strip

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Hi Eddy

My 6 CCRs are hooked as 3 pairs, the 2 CCRs in each pair are in series, so the pixel is 6 RGB LEDs rather than the 3 LEDs when in the original configuration. The 3 pairs are not connected but run the same sequences because they use the same address.

As far as resolution loss, this is not really a concern for roof outlines. In all probability, I will be programmimg at reduced resolutions because of the layout and distances.

I see that there is a new CCR firmware with additional colour macros and simulated strobe effects. Has anybody tried this yet?


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