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GE LED light coupon


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I was at Lowes tonight and these were marked "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" and the price was shown as $11.47 for each. That would be $22.94 for 3 strings which is $7.65 each. I just went on Lowes website and they have them listed as $7.76 each, not $7.65, and not "Buy 2 Get 1 Free". So confusing! ;)

Does anybody know if these are warm white like their non-5mm LEDs (I use their icicles that are M5 or M6 size and really like the color)

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Well I'm new here but I will say this I did stock up on about 75+ boxes of white & multi color leds for $.33 a box... I did ask a manager when I first when in and made sure they would honor it and most of them had no objections. I originally started getting them by printing the ad from home depot for the $3 off ge lights with trade in.. First lowes in my town had no problem with it so I took all the boxes the had (which was 24), went 30mins down the road they would only sell me 5, they were just jealous and ****y, they wanted me to wait 30-45 mins for another manager to come in. I wanted to just tell the manager I was talking to, "Why are they paying you to be a manager when you can't make a decision?". And what sucked about the store that would only sell me 5, they had 100+ boxes of white which was what I wanted. Next day I went to another store 45mins down the road with the actual coupon I found that THEY PUBLISHED ONLINE FOR PEOPLE TO USE, bought 52 boxes no problem went from $172 to $17 the manager had no problem with it, asked if I left any... I said yea (didn't have enough coupons) they wanted me to go get the rest but I didnt want anymore multi colors...

But yea, I agree with some of the other people, I doubt you'll see this next year.... Maybe you'll get lucky and ge will forget about it, they got a year, so I dk, I forget stuff in a year lol.

This was a great start to my led conversion, now I can afford to get that LOR next year!

O yea I had also got about 6 boxes of the led net lights (When they were still $15.) lowes matched K-Marts price of $11.99 and let me use the $3 off for each one.. I think I ended up getting around 6000+ lights for under $100

I'm in SC and they worked for me at 3 1/2 different stores (1/2 is for the one that only sold me 5)

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