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Wilton Lights 2010 Halloween Videos Up

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WOW! I see someone knows how to CHOREOGRAPH lights to music! Nicely done! I even checked out some of your Christmas videos as well.

Two questions:

1. What type of spot are you using to light your house up with?

2. Did I see some yoke lights on the front lawn? Are you using moving heads?

You just joined Holdman as my two most favorite sequencers! I bow to you sir.

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Wow... Being compared to Richard is a compliment if I ever saw one.. THANKS! :)

The white spots are standard 50 watt floods from walmart. The red spots (on the garage) are 75 watts from Home Depot. They are considerably lighter and cheaper. Though some of the red paint was flaking off one of them after a few days. Still worth it, in my opinion. They're much brighter than the heavy ones from walmart.. The coating is too dark on those IMO.

And nope... no moving heads. Just 2 spots, one pointed at each end of the house. Fading from one to the other gives the effect of panning. Found that on accident last year.

Glad you like the videos and thanks for the compliments!

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We've posted the sequence files for this show on our website


Be sure to read the accompanying info file before using them. If you use these sequences in your display all we ask is that you let us know. If you post a video of it, we’d like to see it. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

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