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So, last year I purchased the 16 channel Light-O-Rama controller, and wanted to get another 16 channel controller for this year. Well, I've just realized it might be to late to upgrade because of the shipping time it took last year (Canada). Does anybody think I have enough time to Re-Sequence 3/4 songs and set up lights for 32 channels. (And also have it shipped to me) by December 1st?



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Possibly, if you place the order, like now. All you have to do is a little duplicating your existing sequences. That's what I am doing now. It gets a little stressful, but is possible. You can actually start working on the sequencing while waiting on your new controller. Then just set up the new controller when it arrives and you will be ready to go.

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Guest Lightzilla

I hope you ordered this controller already after you typed this.

If not make sure you add in the box for "special instructions"...."please ship this fast as I need it by the end of November". You will get it in time,......... well I got items from Lor in time.

As for sequencing..........remember you have until December 23rd or 24th to upgrade them. I did that last year & the year before and so on. This year as well (future tense).

Order now.

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