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How late is to late to run your show?

Bill V

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Hmmm, seems like the cut off times are all over the place. I was afraid of that. For the last six years since going animated my display has run from 5:00 till around 10:20. I have never officially registered a complaint from neighbors but have on occasion had neighbors say things jokingly that could be taken that way. Maybe I'll cut it back to 10:00 and see how it goes. The only problem I have is, as I told my wife, having to deal with the backlash from people who have come a long ways only to find the place dark. I have those at the 10:20 cut off....Can't imagine what it will be like when shortened to 10:00.

Thanks everybody for the input.

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We run ours until 11 all week midnight on the weekend. This is the first year I've added speaker outside for those that can't seem to find the radio :) I'll shut the speaker off at 9:30 and just let run only over FM after that. Any time I've spoken to my neighbour about the light they say when they are home they don't even see them once they are inside.

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I run until 10 during the week, and 11 on weekends.


I brought my 5 year old son to see your lights tonight. You have a very nice display! My son especially liked the singing Santa and the arches. We were able to park right across the street, turn the lights off, and enjoy a few songs. By the way, your FM reception sounds great! We'll probably be back to show off your lights to my wife. And, hopefully, I'll have my display going by midweek... I'm still waiting to take delivery of my first 16 channels of LOR.


Middle River, MD

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Every year my wife and I get into, shall we say a discussion, on how late a large display like mine should run. My wife thinks I run it too late and neighbors could be getting upset. I thought it might be helpful to take a general consensus here at PC as to just how late the rest of you run yours and what you think would be an appropriate cut off time for mine.



Love the "discussion" you and your wife had. My wife dosent want me to turn on my light untill the 15th. Our "discussions" have ended as I have been calling her Scrooge

for the last couple of days.HE HE. My light swent on last night. My run times are sunday to thursday till 9 and friday and saturday untill 10.

But if you notice more traffic than usual on your street after you turn your light off at say 10 then use that as an excuse to leave them on later.

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6-9 Sun-thurs....6-10 Fri/Sat

Ditto, with Christmas Eve and Night to 11pm.

"School" nights are kept short because we have little kids on our street and some who can see the display from their bedroom windows.

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