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Good or bad ,.. have you switched ? co-woker is getting into Verde energy NJ sales thing.

I`ve been looking on line about "energy deregulation" . The thing is that I do not like is that

it`s a variable rate , starting at .1075 kilowatt (supply part of bill)

AC Electric NJ is fixed at .1375

Yes it`s a saving at first but the "variable" per month .

No contract ,No sign up, No fees if you drop them and switch.

Looking for feed back from anyone that has switched .

Thanks Joe4x4

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I live in Ontario, Canada and our hydro is not regulated, several companies provide electricity here in different areas. Here we pay on average 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour for up to 600 kWhs. After that we pay 7.5 cents per kilowatt hour. We also pay regulatory fees and a delivery charge. The delivery charge is usually about the same as what we pay for electricity. Here is an example from my most recent monthly bill.

Electricity Charge - 600 kWhs @ 6.5 - $39.00

- 33 kWhs @ 7.5 - $2.48

Delivery Charge $39.20

Regulatory Fee $4.60

Debt Retirement Charge $4.11

(Debt from outgoing Ontario Hydro)

HST (Provincial Tax 13%) $11.62

Total $101.01

This is our bill for our 1200 square foot home with two people.

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On our last bill we used ................... 870 Kilowatt.

The price to compare on the bill say`s ... 13.15

Delivery with all the charges ............. $ 44.35

Electric Supply Charges .................. $ 112.89

Total Electric Charges .................. $ 157.08

Supply "Atlantic City" charges 10.21 first 300 KWhs

14.01 next 350 KWhs

10.21 next 189 KWhs

14.98 next 31 KWhs

870 KWhs

Verde 10.75 (Variable) x 870 = $ 93.52 difference of $ 19.37 {saving this month example

I found this other Co. "Gateway" 09. Fixed for 6 months ,.... 09 x 870 = $ 78.3 difference of $34.59 {saving this month example

I`m gonna call this Co.


Sounds too good to be true


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I called Gateway Energy and got a plan for 6 months at .0999.

It will go into effect in 2 weeks just before I turn on the Christmas Lights for the season.

I`ll post the bill and compare for last year and see what the saving will be ,..I think it will

over $50 .


p.s. I thought somebody would`ve chimmed in that they switched ?

I`ll be the the test subject than :)

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Texas has been deregulated for several years. The answer as to switch or not is "it depends". Longer term contracts are more expensive on a kw-hr basis, but they give you peace of mind by removing the market volatility aspect. Most states that go to deregulation have a website that will allow you to shop and compare prices, terms, etc. My personal choice at this time (and the cheapest at this time) is the "variable rate" plan. The reason being is that the price of natural gas ultimately drives the price of power (for the most part, natural gas power plants are the largest portion of generation) in Texas. I keep an eye on gas prices (which have been steady or declining for some time) and if I feel like this is going to change, then I will look at one of the "fixed rate" plans. Hence my answer of "it depends". I hope this helps!

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Yes ,.."it depends" sounds like the right answer . NJ has 12 or so for residential and I looked,.... and at the moment Gateway has a "fixed rate" that is cheaper then the other Co. I wish I started looking at switching years ago when it was deregulated .

Why I did not ? no answer . The thing is allot of NJ has not switched either? Why ? are we afraid of new things? it`s 1:30 and

I`m rambling on .


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