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Found out early this morning that my brother was air lifted to St Francis Medical Center last night and after talking with my father, his kidney is failing.

A number of years back my brother had a kidney transplant and had been doing fine up until about a month or 2 ago. His creatinine levels are not acceptable right now as they should be between 1.3 - 1.7 and currently his levels are around 7. Which is every indication that his body is rejecting the transplanted kidney. We are basically in shock as a family as it has been well over the thought 5 years that if the body doesn't reject in that period it usually won't.

The doctors have also told us that with the situation being as it is, and his other kidney not functioning very well, Dialysis most likely wouldn't work for him as well. So we are in frantic mode trying to find a kidney donor. I have been tested to see if I am a match and have a dozen other good friends and family that have stepped up.

Please keep myself and my family in your thoughts and prayers as the doctors have told us that the best situation is we find a donor and we can move on. The worst case situation is that we are unable to find a donor and basically his functions quit and we lose him in the next few months.

This year has been one of the most trying years of my life and I just wish I would start it over. But that is never going to happen.

Thank you!

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Just found out the results of the biopsy they did and it is confirmed that his body is rejecting the kidney that was transplanted. We are now in the unfortunate position of trying to find a kidney to save his life. This is by far a year I would love to forget. I am going to go be re-tested on Monday to see if I am a match, as they are going to try some rejection medication to see if that helps.

Wish us luck!


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