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$3 off ge LED christmas lights

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I'm new here but want to pass on the savings. I racked up on the savings with this coupon. Worked at 4 different stores, they gave me no problem. I bought there 50ct leds when they were on sale for $3.33 and got them for $.33! Also, if you go to lowes there led net lights (at least the other day) were $15.47, K-Mart sells them for $11.99, lowes matched the price and let me use the coupon on them. But I think they are on sale now...

I couldn't get the coupon to load earlier but its on this page.... It's on page 2


If it won't load for you like me right now I'll do some more digging and see what I can find.

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Ok I just noticed the second link I posted was Oct of 2009... That was retarded of me... I cant the other one... But hopefully the first link I posted will work! In reply to rameyg... How can it be void if duplicated if you have to print it online??? Kind of bad wording for them lol...

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