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Christmas castle for the house!


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I was sitting around during last years display wonder what to do with the roof of the house. It always looked blank or boring, So I thought I would build a Christmas Castle theme to give it a little pop. What do you think? I added sides to it to give it a more three dimensional look. Started planning before I turned the lights off in 09. I did all the rough cutting, fitting, painting and so on the ground and did my fine tuning when I was installing on the roof first part of Oct. People seem to like it, I figure I'll wash it with floods. I think this will eliminate the boring roof. Merry Christmas!



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I'd like to know how you got it on the roof and how it is fastened so it won't blow off?

do you have a how to posted anywhere? This is really awesome, and I have always thought my rooftop

was a bit plain too. Maybe I'll get some kind of similar idea to do in the future -- that is if I can get my husband on the roof!

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Well fastening was the trick I'm still a little nervous myself if we get really big winds. The out side turrets are fastened to the house and ground with back up rope holding the top if needed be these aren't going any where. The roof ones now thats a different story, the center section has bottom supports and 200lbs of sand bags holding it. the towers are connected to the center piece with screws and 60 lb sand bags on the outside edge. If you look closely at the front shot photo you will see about 12" up I have rope pulling down on the center section as well as ropes attached to the back of each section hopefully this should do the trick....... I hope :)

I'll try to get so more pic's for you all, I didn't really take any photo's during the construction of it. (Sorry my bad)...If your interested I can take a bunch during the take down, Just let we know. Merry Christmas to all!

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