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First |Time Archer complete, Test Video

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Looks great, I will soon be a first time archer too. I just finished wrapping my second arch 800 lights per arch two more to go.

mine are all LEDs cool white are your arches running in sequence two plugs on eight channels?

2 x 7 Channel Arches

10ft pvc - Sleeve method. Using 2 x 40ct strings per sleeve.....Placed the 10ft pvc 6ft / 32-34" high

Zip-Tied extension cords outside arch (backside)

Configured Arches 1 & 3, 2 & 4 = Saves on channels, will go straight 1,2,3,4 next year.

Thanks all for your kind messages & support!! This is such a great Forum, and one we can't be without!!






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Great Job Paul!!! I have checked out your video before...Still helped to spark me to "new" arches. I currently have 4 arches but all Multi Garland single channel...wrong way for those looking to start out!!! If you are gonna do it...do it right...I have been disappointed with mine...So to fix it...next year 4 more arches, all white with additional color for each arch...1 Red..2 Green,,3Purple..4 Blue. I will be also adding Arch "Pads" and "Splash" for added effects. It will take some time to sequence but I think the outcome will be "INCREDIBLE". I will be using C6 size for durability and crispness of colors!!!

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