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Totsl Amps

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A little confused and looking for help. I looked at the chart on PC and I see that LED bulbs like Walmart is selling @ a 60 count are 0.04 amps and GE led (conical) like Lowes are selling are 4.8 watts or again 0.04 amps 50 count.

so the Wallmart box said 43 boxes per outlet? But the Website on PC says 554 per 15 amp and 738 per 20 amp...

Not understanding this ?

5MM, G12, G25, etc. light strings (1 LED per bulb 50/70 count 0.03 amps 554 total strings

Granted my lights are 0.04 amps but only 43 boxes?

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They might be assuming there are other things on this outlet and not just a dedicated outlet for christmas lights. What if you had an outlet that was running to 3 rooms and had a TV, surround sound, or whatever hooked up? You just need to figure for your own outlets. I have a garage outlet that has other things on it so I couldn't use 554 strings.

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Well read the Box again....as usual ...user error...43 connected end to end......thanks

I figured with LED as long as these are dedicated to that circuit and nothing else was used then I can pretty much get close to what the chart was saying without worry....

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