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LED fading issue

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I am having trouble getting the Creative Displays 100 ct. blue full wave mini light sets to fade with LOR. I have these all hooked up to one channel - and I'm almost certain that these are the only lights hooked up to that channel.

These were the exact same LEDs that were purchased in the pre-order sale after last Christmas.

I'm really perplexed as to why these are not fading ... because I have tested the Creative Displays blue mini LED lights with LOR before, and they have faded just fine.

Any ideas as to what might be going wrong here?

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How many strings? The reason I ask is I have had problems in the past when I connect more than ten or twelve strings to a channel. a couple of strings have never been a problem. I added a string of 100 count mini's to each channel and bam! all was cured.

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The smugness are great, I made anothe 50 of them yesterday. But to know for sure, just add a single C9 light to the end of the LED strings and see if it helps. If so then decide to make smugness or to add a single incandescent bulb to every channel with LED's on it.


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