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OK I know they say to stay within 80% of your circuit but does anyone go over that? I have 4 dedicated 20 AMP circuits for my LOR controller receptacles.

One of those circuits is currently drawing 14.73 Amps - which puts me within the 80% range (16amps)

I wanted to add some more lights onto that controller for some bushes that are bare so I was going to use some of the 40% efficient Minis from target. If I add the 12 sets I want to place on the bushes that would take that circuit to 17.13 amps

Whattia think?

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Thats exactly what I thought .... it is very rare that the entire 16 channels of that controller are on at the same time and I just realized that I changed my mega tree color lights to the 52% efficient minis this year and they are on that circuit so that only gives me a 100% draw of 16.29 amps

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