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CDI Pre Order Teaser

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Just starting to get some PM's about the pre order sale. This is what I'm telling people:

The pre sale will be announced in about 30 days. Prices are discounted 25% - 35% off of our 2011 regular season pricing. We require a 50% deposit and the balance when we ship your order around June.

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I got lots of Warm White and Blue last year.... And I have to say I love them both but that Blue is YEAH so much more than I expected. My 2 or 3 year old incandescent blue bulbs were no comparison. I'll be in for more this year as well... Great product and great service is hard to find these days...

Thank Paul..

-Patrick Chartrand

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I got myself signed up... With the poor availability of certian colors of LED's locally, and sometimes the poor quality, and the same with Incandecents, I need to find a reliable source for specific colors I need. Planning ahead and ordering in advance may save me a lot in the long run. Hard to decide to add something in green and every store in town is either sold out of them or didn't have any to begin with!

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I have a few people here interested in Snowfall lights or blizzard lights or dripping icicles.....whatever names they are going by these days...... any chance of getting those in PURE white this year? (not warm or cool white)

The pure white is more terminoligy than anything. Pure white and cool white are essentially the same.

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