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CDI Pre Order Teaser

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"Across the board" - as in every item we sell.

OUCH.... That's not very good news for me. I was actually hoping to change out my twig trees and wire frame deer from incandescent to LED, as well as add LED's to my wreathes. I'll have to look long and hard at the prices and hope that I can afford to buy this year.

Thanks for the update Paul, even if it isn't good news. It will at least prepare us for the "sticker shock" when the list does come out.

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Starting to finish up the pricing for the pre sale. Should have all the info right after Christmas.

Sooo, does that mean the prices will be posted @ 12:01am on December 26th, right???????

Just kidding... We'll give you to 8:00am EST on the 26th to post them... LOL

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