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A "delicate" situation with a couple of viewers


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If they are not participating in PDA out in public but inside of their personal car with the windows "shaded" there is nothing a Drug dealing cop could do, but provide them with a little something to help smoke up the inside of the car. The wouldn't technically be showing Public Display of Affection, in their private vehicle would they...

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Have the 10 Bajillion candle power Eludium PU-36 explosive space spotlight charging...... Okay, its a $30 "high-intensity LED" rechargeable handheld spot from Fred's. Have the camera tactically mounted (okay, duct taped) to it for you guys.

Am I twisted by hoping they'll show up tonight? Or is that an effect of being dropped on my head as a baby? Got another news crew coming by tonight and really don't want the distraction.

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Did you think of calling the cops and reporting a suspicious vehicle? When I was growing up a car would park down the street at nighttime (no houses, just farmland). My dad called the cops who came to check it out - turns out it was a neighbor girl and her boyfriend spending quality time together. I think she was embarassed and they never parked there again.

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EPILOGUE (finally) - Well, they were doing their best to thaw out the ice-covered street tonight! Soon as WIW started (last song in show loop), hit the car repeatedly with the spotlight. After a few "illuminations", they got the hint and tried to leave. Only prob was they tried to leave too quickly and ended up sliding into a shallow ditch near the house. Had the #1 son go out and push them out. The guy didn't say one word to him - probably had his macho guy image bruised a bit by needing a 15yo get his car back on the road! lol

As mentioned early on, police aren't much of an option in this area - nearest is 15 minutes away, so the folks around here dial 1911 then 911 later.

For an area that has had bad road conditions the past two days; this has been the heaviest turn-out so far. Approx 70 cars tonight.

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I am merely a newbie but this is my opinion:

If there is any question about whether what is going on is good or not you should do the walk by with a flashlight. The police in our area get calls for a suspicious vehicle all the time ( I am with the local fire service ). They will leave, leaving your lights to be viewed with a G-Rated atmosphere. However, the mic and Mr. White would be awful funny to me.

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