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Anyone replaced a bad TRIAC lately?

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I am noticing some inconsistencies with my snowfight wireframe this year (3rd season). Out of curiosity:

1) When the triacs are going bad, are they 100% bad, or will they sometimes work and sometimes not work? One segment is starting bright, then going dim a 1/2 second later, that is most defintely a triac issue in my mind, but the ones that work sometimes and not others seem a little bit more odd to me.

2)When was this group buy? I did participate in one, but it was a couple of years ago, it wasn't real recent.


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Finally replaced mine - BTA07-700T

gk067 vu

chn 921

I about about 75% sure that this one is my fault though. (I think this was the channel that had the 150watt floods on it - and that had the flood holder melt.)

I have one other controller with channels 12 and 24 out - but - not 100% sure thats the controller.

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