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Three Year Plan for LEDS - Make sense??


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So my Display is on hold for three years as I took an overseas assignment for my company. Pretty good deal and great living in europe for a couple of years.

Now that being said, I am continuing to plan my display for when I return to the states, this will include at least three new Mega Trees and LED lights across the board. Obviously this will be a sizable investment, but was thinking of spreading it over three years and take part in the CDI Presales. For example this year, I would purchase the LEDS required for the Mega Trees and controllers, next year the LEDS needed for the leaping arches, and the following year the remaining LEDs needed for my display. Storage of this equipment would not be an issue for the next three years.

So my question is - Does this sound reasonable or is the technical development of LEDs and the in industry moving at such a fast pace that something new/better will be on the fore front. I could make an argument to put the money is a separate account and build some interest, but part of this is for mental health and help me keep in the "decorating" spirit even though I am on a hiatus. Basically a little retail therapy to fill the void for the next couple of years. but just don't want the equipment to be obsolute. I don't think it would be.

Any thoughts or insight are appreciated.


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Personally, I think LEDs are the next new thing and will be for some time. There is also legislation in the works to make LED lights required, but I think that will be for a certain wattage and above. I don't feel LEDs are going away, but instead, will probably improve and come down in price over time, but there is also inflation so maybe a wash.

One thing to keep in mind - when you buy the LEDs, buy either by color or element. I say this because from year to year, vendor to vendor and some times string to string, the colors change. Green this year will not necessarily be the same green next year. Sure it will be green, but a slightly different hue. At least, that is my experience.

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The biggest pitfall that I see in your plan is that most of your stuff will be out of warranty before you ever even light up the display. Given the problems that a lot of us are experiencing with LED's,

that could be a very costly mistake as things quit working over time. What might have worked when you tested it as it came in, may die in short order once it's actually on and running for a few days

outside in the elements and you will have no recourse.

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