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Need help finding lights - looks like snow falling

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I have the Snowfall lights from Val. They make the entire display! They are not factory connected to other lights so you can space them any way you want (she sells different length connectors), and they come in several different length tubes. People love them.

I have noticed many different lenghts and led counts. My first dilema is what is the optimal lenght if you are putting these in a tree. The curtain, val sells looks to be the best value as you can get 48 double sided 12" tubes for 526. But does that give you a decent effect or should I be looking at the longer ones such as the 31.5" double sided tubes. Those run $56.10 each. the 12" tubes have 9" lit, so I'm thinking the 31.5" ones would need roughly 16 to be equivalent in terms of lighted length. 16 would total 897. so clearly more expensive, but would it be worth it is the question. Is the effect that much more dramatic with a 30+" tube over a 12" tube? Has anyone used them both or seen them both and can share their experience.


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I have 100 of the 39 inch ones in my tree and people literally stomp on the brakes in the middle of the road I like them and the accent the blue and white tree we have 50 blue and 50 white tubes look up Godfrey Christmas lights on YouTube the house with driveway arches so you can see what they look like

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Another, DIY alternative that has worked well in my display. About $15 each, less power supply:


If you are looking for an out-of-the-box solution supported by someone really nice, I highly recommend Val's items.

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