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8 channel amp draw on firestick

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Well i've got a fun and unique situation. This is my first year at this house and my new neighbors are LOVING my lights. My new friend/neighbor is an electrician and i've put him to work. He has thoroughly enjoyed seeing what my projects are all about and this obession we have. He has decided he wants my yard to be even better and possibly spill over into his yard. He has committed 1 LOR unit and some lights. After seeing my 1 firestick in action last night, he has offered to pay for 9 more firesticks!! So we went to walmart last night and bought 100 boxes of red's.

Issue? 10 firesticks with 16 channels (8 white/8 red) =160 strings of mini's. At .34 amps per string, i will be pulling 55 amps if everything is on at the same time. Let me clarify: I was only planning on using 1 unit with all 10 firesticks spread out over the yard, each firestick piggybacking the other. I also know that i won't have a need to turn on 80 white and 80 red at the same time. So i "should" only have 80 strings at most turned on at the same time. Even if i only turn on channel 1, it will be lighting ALL 10 of the channels 1's. Obviously at times i will have the entire pole lit up which will be 80 strings. Does that make sense? Is my calculation accurate? My entire display, granted half is LED, doesn't even come close to 55 amps. Yet 10 simple firesticks will be more than the rest of my display?

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