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What's Brown And Sounds Like A Bell?

hoyt clagwell

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Here are some daylight shots. Starting with the garage: pretty boring so far, eh? This is here in case I post some night shots and you only see four reddish blobs. Well, those blobs are all Santa lamppost covers. Three of the four are Vacucells; the fourth, seen second from the right, is made by Drainage out of a softer, more flexible polyethylene.


Next up is the Penguin Palace. PTV has a slightly different show this year.


In front of the penguins is my MNMN (Mix 'N' Match Nativity).


Crossing the driveway we have the Bear Grotto; it's impossible to see all the bears at once. Some are only visible from the driveway; I enjoy having something cool to look at as I pull out and head to work.


Most years I put up a Grand Venture sleigh pulled by a mixed team of GV, Empire and GF reindeer. This year, taking a cue from a PC member who did something similar last year (I'm sorry I can't remember who to give credit to), I've turned the tables. A certain reindeer has taken over an old Poloron sleigh and now drives a team of nine Santas flying off into the distance, using forced perspective. My friends, I present to you Rudolph's Revenge:



The Christmas Village has grown a bit this year, but it's no city yet. If you look carefully, you might see a Union Haunted House peeking out.


Last year several people mistook my Snowman Family for a choir; so, this year it IS a Snowman Choir:


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Continuing across the yard we come to Santa's Workshop. Yes, those are unfinished toy soldiers laying in a pile in the snow; please do not be frightened.


This last shot is of the rightmost part of the yard, including the Lover's Lane and, I dunno, the Gingerbread Zone?


I hope y'all enjoy it; come on out and see us some time.

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Looks awesome. You have such personality in your display!!

Thanks. It makes up for my defective personality IRL.

Very nice! love Rudolph driving the sleigh

Rudy is definitely enjoying himself as well!

Rudolph's Revenge is great!!!!!! the entire display is outstanding.



whats all that white stuff on the ground?? Nice job and some very interesting ideas lol Hope you post some night shots and maybe a wide angle view of the whole yard!! Looks good!


Since I live in the Ritzy part of town (according to Carrie) that white stuff is Egyptian excelsior dyed with the finest imported eggshell-colored food-grade dye. We have 45 metric tons of it trucked in each year. As for the pix, I'm uploading them right now and I'll be posting them soon.

OK... does anybody know why I am unable to see the photos? I'm logged in... don't know of any settings that might be causing this. I can see other photos just fine. Anybody have any ideas?

Sorry; it's a little April Fool's trick I do to harass the newbies. I don't actually post photos, just a brief description and then the folks here "in the know" gush and make flattering comments about my "display". Kinda like the Emperor's New Clothes. (OK, if you're still reading, try quitting your browser and try again. The only time I've had difficulty viewing photos is when I'm not logged in. Sorry.)

Hoyt, unreal as always! Love what you did with the big GF Santa! I'll be by again soon!

You are


Thanks again for loaning the Life-Size Santa while mine is out to lunch. And you'd better be by! Your CD is ready.

Oh, and the photo reminds me of this, the back cover of Utopia's Deface The Music:


omg i love it! too cute the santa conductor was my favorite its cute and funny in a good way lmao

Thanks. I originally wanted to use the old green-polka-dotted snowman because he has a hand raised also, but he looks WAY too good from the front to waste as conductor.


Ok Love the choir LOL.

It is so pretty with all the snow.Lots of nice molds.I love the way you set it up.

Thanks. I bet all your hot peppers would melt that snow!

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LOL have some Pepper soup! Hot cha cha cha!

Hehehe. I had some awesome tortilla soup at lunch; does that count?

Here are some night shots. I'll only apologize this once for the quality. Santa has been asked for a better zoom camera this year; it's in his hands now.

These are panoramic overviews:



The Nativity:


Penguin Place:


Red Blobs:


Da Bears:


Rudolph's Revenge:


Snowman Choir:


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Guest A.F.NUT

I always enjoy your displays! You do everything so nicely. You have a very nice variety of molds in the Nativity. And the Santa sleigh is great I like that funny factor in a display. And you can never have too many snowmen and they look great grouped like that.

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