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Need help with arches

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I have arches up on my eaves. A couple sections went out on the incandescents. I had to get up on the ladder and fix them in the cold weather. I've decided to go with LED's and rebuild the arches. Will the LED's not burn out and if one goes out will the rest stay on? What are the pros and cons in my situation? Check the video out to see the arches. You may ask why I put them on the eaves. It's because I have very little front lawn.


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You still lose sever if not all the lights if an LED bulb goes bad, but LED don't burn out like the incandescent bulbs to. I got tired of sections of my arches going out as well and redid everything for this year with LED's I purchased from Paul at Creative Displays. They are good quality and with LED's you want good quality bulbs so they are bright today and 3 or 4 years later. His are Full wave and fade really well with LOR.

In you situation with the lights on way up on your eaves, I would highly recommend LED's. When I wrap my arches I wrap 2 sets at the same time, so if there is an issue with a strand the second strand is there to give it light, just not as much light as normal, but better than a whole section being out.


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