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Whers the line to see Jesus

Mark Clements

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Sorry ikcubsrule,

Young man, there is a difference between fictitious and blown out of proportion. He was real over several centuries ago. The legend has grown larger and larger. Also add in the commercialism and you now days have a twisted distorted vision of who the man was. Do you have a problem with the birth of Jesus? Do you have a problem with the story of the Magi who brought gifts to the King of the world? If not. Then why do you have a problem with a man that brought gifts to children. I suppose it is impossible that someone could have a good heart and gave gifts to children that had nothing? No, I am sure he did not slip down a chimney. Remember a few centuries ago, simple wooden toys were highly prized gifts. A labor of love those toys were. So, I will give you this though. Between parents telling tall tales about this man and making him out to be something bigger and better. And of course all of the commercialism has only poured fuel on the fire to make it something even bigger.

Just remember, like Jesus is true, so is Santa. But I regress, I do not Believe that Jesus has been repackaged and make bigger and better via stories. Jesus is all and there is no way to make him any better

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