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Anyone had an ELL go out in the middle of the show?

I send a signal via ELL to the house across the street that powers 3 other houses. For no appearent reason those houses went dark. I checked the boxes and they are getting power, but no sync. My side of the street (3 houses) works, so it must be the ELL's. Had them for 3 years and never had a problem. There are no "line of sight" issues.

Anyone had this problem? Do they just go bad?

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Brian, what about a couple of simple things first:

Did you check the CAT 5 cable integrity (that goes into your ELL units)? Also, are there power to the units?

Simple things, but these units are unlikely to just fail (although anything is possible).

My 3 are left outside year-round, being only powered up during show season, and I have had no issues with them..


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