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The C9 Clip I wish somebody made.

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Here is the deal. I use the built in clip on the C9 to attach to my house. Works great and you don't have to deal with putting on clips.


Year after year they start breaking off which leads to a problem of attaching them. It seems NOBODY makes a clip that will position the light in the same place as the built in clip. If I use one of the many C9 clips available, It will position the light in a different way that makes it really stick out.

Right now I am modify a clip with wire cutters and using white electrical tape to make my own clip that positions it in the same spot.

Anybody know of a C9 Clip that when you use it, that will position the c9 light in the same spot as the built in clip? Driving me crazy!

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I wish there was a fast and simple solution. The problem is I am up on the ladder installing them and sometimes they break on me. Would be nice to just grab a clip from my pocket and not take more than 10 seconds on it. I have a large section where they all broke off when I was taking them down one year.

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Ugh...I'm planning to use C9s along my roofline next year, and I am already thinking of what might be the best way to attach them. I don't have overhang, so I need good shingle/gutter clips. I want to make sure they look nice and uniform, so right now, I have no idea what I'm going to use. I've never hung anything up there before. 2011 is the year!!

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