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My First Attempt

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This year was my first attempt at a computerized display, and my display is only partially computerized. I wanted to have a waving Santa on my roof, and unfortunately, there was no cheap solution I could find, and my final conclusion was to buy a controller in late October so that I could animate the waving motion. This left me with additional channels to play with which I dedicated to my mega-tree.

Anyways, I just thought I would share a newB's first attempts at programming lights. Eye of the Tiger was my first attempt, and Let It Snow was my second:

Eye of the Tiger:

Let It Snow:

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@ morethemerrier: It is very costly. I bought my controller and lights, and completely forgot about electrical. Extension cords killed me (a couple hundred bucks alone for extension cords, I couldn't believe it)! My wife doesn't mind the Christmas lights, decorating and everything, but she does not like the initial cost of it all, and I am already planning on my purchase of new controllers and lights!

@ gmac: Thanks! Would love to see your display if you have videos?

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