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Cdi official pre order for 2011

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I see the icicle lights are C6 style. I was wondering how many are in a drop. I'm thinking of getting them for my "fence" in the front of the display, but not sure if they would be to big or not.

The icicle lights are 3, 5 & 6 light drops. (70 Lights, about 7.5 feet long on white wire). I have them on my house... they are amazing :)

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Happy New Year Paul.

Here's a question. Can the LED strobes be screwed in to a regular C-9 socket?

I bought 2 cases from Paul 2 yrs ago and I absolutely LOVE THEM. I am going to get more this year. I like them better then the regular strobes and they seem to, so far, hold up better in the weather.

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I'm looking at getting Multi Color lights for my mega tree for next year, LED of course. While I had LED mega tree this year it was Red and it looks nice in person, but it is a PAIN to tape, so I figure multi would make it easier to tape. My Q is, for a mega tree, should I get the M6's or the C6's?


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I am seriously considering jumping into the LED world this year. I need 15 strings of icicle lights. Since there are 12 to a case I would like to see if someone would like to share the cost of one of the cases. I don't want to hijack the post, so I was wondering where is the best place to post that type of question?

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