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The Virginia Showing Off Thread

Stephen Blue

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Took some pretty good pictures in the snow last week, as well as video (but havn't had a chance to edit it yet). But, this year is around 73,000 lights, including nearly 2 dozen pole trees (14x 10's, a 20', a 15', a 12', an 8', 2x 6', and 2x 5').

The 20', 2x 10's, and 2x 5's are part of a 38,000 light, 196 channel LOR light show sync'd to a selection of Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow, Barenaked Ladies, Frank Sinatra, and others. The show also includes a pair of 12-channel leaping arches, 8x 4-color mini trees, and chasing pole sections going up the 5 trees (think: arch effect but straight up the pole. Not something never before done, but it's new to my display).

Some old features include the boat in a pond of lights, fed by a running river of lights; Frosty in his arch surrounded by other characters; new this year is the dog igloo with puppies stealing presents out of a sleigh. Also, LED's comprise approximately 4,000 lights this year, the first major implementation for me.

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Always like your display Stephen. I hope we can get some VA posters and lurkers involved in this thread. Lots of displays in VA anchored by Bill V in NOVA, many great displays in Richmond, all our friends along the coast and the displays in the less traveled west side of the state. Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas.

A completely new display for me this year, a lot of firsts that worked, a few things that didn't. Here are a few vids from this year:

Angels Share


Angels Share (front view)


Holiday Magic


Where Are You Christmas


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the VA mini, hopefully our Fredericksburg bakery friends will post again with goodies (and pics of their wonderful display).


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correct, it is a fog machine (you'd be amazed how many people have warned us that they think there is a fire...). It's used for the introduction to the show which uses several spot lights. you can see a quick video i shot here... sorry no sound though.

we've had mixed luck with the fog.. basically depends on the wind. We knew it would be hit or miss and it's probably worked out a bit better than we expected.

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I don't have a video yet, just havn't had time. But here's a public FB album of pics from Deltaville: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.405311972880662.96533.149952898416572&type=1




83,000 lights this year. About 30% LED. 36,000 lights in the ~190 channel LOR show, the rest are static.

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