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Walmart, Christmas lights on sale updates.

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I grabbed a small inflatable, a few odd lights (all they had), a black tree (for next Halloween), a couple of rope lights, and some plastic balls (for wreaths and garlands). That's it. I had better luck at Target, and much better luck at Home Depot... both also at 75% off.


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I'm glade I was able to help, you all out in any way I could...

I was at a Walmarts about an hour from my house when I over heard two employees talking about the 75% off sale happening that night, so I ran and grab a cart and started filling it up.

At midnight (EST) all prices were still at 50%...

At 1am all prices were back to their "original", so all prices would come up showing the new 75% off price, little scary to see that on the u-scan...

2:20am almost everything showing new marked down price... Was able to have a manager come over and adjust one item for me, she knew I was there from 11:30pm and still had an hour ride to get home.

Again, I'm glade to help out in anyway I can.

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I have to tell you guys, other than the standard candy canes that normally sell for $2.50 each, I dont really like any of walmart's Christmas selection this year, seems most ALL of their leds are plastic caps on top of little led's, not what im used to seeing from walmart... anyone else agree? or have input?

You are exactly right. I noticed the same thing! I think maybe the smaller bulb LEDs might be ok (mini or C6 size).


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