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Copying a display in the same city?

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Ok, I have to say I am officially a little ticked off. This is my 4th year using LOR and I will admit that I have used some of Richard Holdman's sequences to adapt them to my own display. I have had the same songs going for 3 years in a row now. Last year another guy in the same city came by and was talking to me about my display, he has been decorating his house for over 10 years and had just started doing the LOR thing. This year, I saw he copied some of my display elements, no big deal we all do it. But today I just realized that over half of his songs are the EXACT same songs as mine! Why would you do that? Why would you want your display to look the same as someone else's in the same town?

Oh well, I was planning on completely redesigning my display and using all new songs in 2011, I guess this will motivate me to make sure I do.

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That's a bit irritating... There's another display in my town besides mine, and he uses totally different songs. His are all slower and older songs while mine are more "rock" based, TSO and similar faster paced more "intense" music. I prefer mine, he prefers his... The crowds here versus at his though tell me what the public prefers though... Neither of us want to copy each other, that's no fun! It's still a competition between us, and some secrets like how many channels we have added or display elements aren't revealed until close to thanksgiving, when it's too late to make changes! I think you are thinking the right direction in using it as a good excuse to change up your display for next year! It's boring if there's 2 of the same thing, and no one else knows which came first. No one wants to be labled as "the copy cat".

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Just look at this way. The fellow who is copying your display, lack imagination. Its just that simple. Also the poor cad just started and might not fully understand how it is all put together from scratch. But he can copy what others have done. So, yes this will give you the incentive to change up your display. Wont your copy cat be surprised at the changes.


Frankly I do the display 1st for my wife and I. And if anyone else likes the songs and the display. Well that is just icing on the cake then. I have some slow songs and some faster paced songs. I try to arrange them so that they are well mixed so that there are no two back to back slow or fast.

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I think that it is neat for someone to enjoy your display so much that he decided to model his display after yours.

You might have set the bar too high using the best songs already out there with sequences.

Maybe stop by and help him out with the software and show him the forum.

We all love to learn...

I went will all new songs this year.

I searched all year for songs that we wanted to use and downloaded them and got to work on sequences.

Last year Was our first and we were only able to use the songs we found pre-animated.

which were also songs that everyone else was using...


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