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Learn by my mistake

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Well the worse thing that could happen, to my 28 foot tree, did last night or early this morning. We had high wind warning (50 MPH+) for the foothills of the Sierra's. My tree was anchored down in 4 spots. 2 were anchored to a 3 foot screw in anchor, with cement on top, 1 was anchored to my house, the 4th one, and the one that failed was anchored to a 18 inch spike. Since we have been having a lot of rain lately, it never dawned on me how soft the ground would be.Well I woke up this morning to find the tree laid over, on my car. It rocked it enough to break the threads in the coupler Getting new windshield tomorrow. I am not mad about it, because it was something I over looked, but I am happy that the other 3 lines did hold enough to get the bottom of the tree to go back the opposite direction (slingshot effect), so only the top of the tree rested on my hood of the car. a couple of small dent on the hood that can be fixed easy enough.

SO to all of you newbies making Megatrees, be sure that your anchors are going to be able to handle the load of any shock that your tree might get. a small spike in the ground might not be the answer. Think ahead and save yourself some problems, or having to replace glass LOL

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