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Thanks. I am kinda nervious.

Dont be! I'm 42 and have had 2, just in case! They shaved a small spot of my chest hairs, it was comical, I told the nurse to make a smiley face, which she did. Takes 2 minutes. Always good to have these things checked before you potentially have any issues! Nip it in the bud! :)

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I am new to the board but thought I would chime in. I just turned 40 and have had several along with two stress tests as well. I will say scheduled is definitely better than the ER. The first ER one was more of an annoyance than a worry. I was sick for a while, just had a fight with my doctor and insurance company and felt like any moment my throat was going to swell shut from strep, so of course my BP andheart rate would be whacked. Second emergency one was still sort of precautionary, but when they turned it into a mandatory admit, I had plenty of time for it to turn to a worry. Last few were scheduled and the worst part is then removing the leads and the stubble three days later. Relax, get checked out and address any issues they find. I finally

Listened to what my doc said about diet and exercise and felt better at 40 than I did since high school.

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They will place 10 small, sticky pads on your shoulders and chest and then connect wires. They might feel a little cold, a couple might tickle, but... that's all. Are you worried about the procedure or worried about what it might show?

BTW, Dr. Einthoven, the father of the EKG, used to place subjects' feet into buckets of salt water as the leg electrodes. Now they just use one on each side of the lower chest. I wish they made a Dr. Einthoven blow mold.

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