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Test things while your display is up.

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Not sure If this really applies to many people, but I thought I'd post it anyways.

I know that next year I'm going to be putting DMX LED parcans, and a moving light lighting the front of my house, however I was unsure how it would look. Thankfully I realized this before I took my display down, I was able to go outside and take some pictures of how it looks when all the lights are on.

If you have some new items (floods, LED's, etc. ) try them out now, if you don't plan on changing your display drastically, you've got a good representation of what It'll look like next year. Nothing fancy, I just put them in test modes and snapped a few pictures for my files. Now in the summer, when I'm programming I know exactly what color combos look like, and how they show up with the display.


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