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Help! Need good advice on ext. Cords

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I sure everyone know by now that Lowes reduced their Christmas lights by 75% today and everything was pretty well picked over at the Lowes I normally shop. Well almost all gone, I decovered that they had moved all their Holiday ext. cords and some GE holiday cord away from the Christmas decorations and no one realized they were 75% off.

I purchased some, but didn't want to make a big deal until I found out what to buy.

My questions is this, they had some 10':confused: & 20' grounded cords at 75% off as well as the three pack of SPT-1 cords (2-9 ft. 1 6ft.) and some 15 ft as well. Assuming they are still available what is the best type and length cords to buy. I like to go back today and make a purchase if they are not all gone.

Next year will be my first year using LOR!

Any help will be appreciated

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You know, it varries. I found some 6' cords ($.81 each) at Target and that is cheep for this area. Well, I'm using them to build 5 controlers (dongles). But to be honest, I use the 20' more than anything. Just depends... sometimes I'll use a 15 + 6' when I'm short. If I could get regular 20' SPT wire, I'd be all set. In general if they're on sale and you have the money for them... Get them!

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Thanks for the feed back. I stopped by the same Lowes store this evening and checked out the Christmas section to see what if anything was left. Everything was just about gone except some C7 & C9's so I thought I would see if anything was left of the ext. cords in the electrical dept.

I could not believe that no one had decovered that the holiday cords and power stakes were 75% off. There was about 50 20 ft grounded cords still there along with the three pack spt cords and a variety of power stakes. Guess I'll go back tomorrow and buy all the 20 ft. cords that are left ($2.24) each along with some more of the 3 pack spt cords ($1.24) and a couple more of the $24.97 remote power stakes for ($6.24).


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Well I finally got a chance to go by Lowes again to see if anything was left. Much to my surprise no one had figured out about the discount on the extension cords located in the electrical dept. I was able to pick up 32 10 ft 16/3 green cords for $1.74 each and a case of (21) 16/3 20 ft green cords for $2.24 each. That still left a case of the 10 ft and 20 ft at the discount price. I would have got those as well but not much money left over after Christmas.

Now I want have a choice about switching to LOR for next year. I got to much invested in ext. cords. I think I've spent more on after Christmas ext. cords that I did on lights. LOL;)

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I was lucky, I found a bunch of cords at the Target 75% off sale ... they were only ringing up as 30% off, so I asked the manager if I could buy them for 75%. He said sure, lets move these ... and I ended up getting everything for 75% off the already 30% off prices. So I was getting 40' green 13A outdoor cords for like $1.18 and plenty of 22' tri-tap and 15' outdoor cords for $.87 each. I was thrilled. Then found a ton of the 9' indoor cords for around $.49 each. I was happy to find cords, since on the lights front, I wasn't finding much at all.

This year, built another 6 controller with my own cords and cut the 15' cords and had approx 9' channel cords coming out of the PC controllers and 6' feed cords. Its really nice for hooking things up, but very heavy ... and splicing the cords takes a lot of time.

If I had to do it over again, I'd just buy the cords from LOR and save myself all the work, because I'm not sure I saved much at all.

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