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I bought 360 boxes yesterday actually.... and yes ones that you hand out. I went up to the Co Mngr of Walmart and told them I would buy that many if they would give me a great deal. He said he would sell 360 for 60 bucks.... so I have a car full and not a clue where I'm going to put all of them!! Doing the math: 360 boxes x 12 per box = 4320 candy canes

that's about 18 cents a box.... not too bad!

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... that's about 18 cents a box.... not too bad!

Wow, and here I thought getting them for 75% off was good. :o

I hand them out at my display ...

I do this as well and just love the excited responses when I ask if any one would like a candy cane, then go into "would you like strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, cherry, peppermint, or chocolate mint (it taste like andes candies)." If you can find them inexpensively like you did Mark and can keep them very dry and cool, there is not much that can give as much bang for the buck.:D

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