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Arch Pads...anyone using them?? - Continuation

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Hi Doug

Your original thread came up as closed for some reason, so I am replying in a new thread.

Our yard is surrounded by a 6' brick fence, so my arches are mounted on that. The splash pools are made from LED tubes (stakes) that I came across and zip tied to a pair of garden plant trainers. I added a few white snowflake LEDs also. On some splash pools, I ran out of the LED stakes and zip tied LEDs to a straight piece of rigid wire.

For sequencing, I just treat the pools as an extension of the arch.


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Hey Geoff,

THANKS for the info and the pic!!! I definitely will add them to my display of arches and I may even try the pad thing too for the added affect. Once I get in my light shipment in June I will go ahead and set up the arches in the back yard for testing and I will post the video. When I do I will let you know so you can check it out.

Thanks again for your help and your persistence in getting me an answer!! How wierd that the other pist was closed!! I was just in it a little while ago. Maybe I did something to close it. Don't you just love us newbies!!! LOL

Have a great one!!!


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Here is a video I have of my 32 channel set up

from 2 years ago. I changed some things around this year but minor enough that I haven't taken any new videos. I could take a video or two I guess since I will not be taking them down until this weekend...a sad sad day when it's time to take down the lights!!!! I am also working on a web site so I can post all my videos without YouTube blocking them. My YouTube Channel is ChristmasLightsFL if you want to see other videos. Let me know your thoughts...Since I don't have a 6 foot brick wall to work with my arches will have to go along the front of the display!!!!

Lots to do before next season!!!! My New Year's resolution I guess!!! It will be easier than trying to quit smoking!!! I have a new addiction....LOR!!!!!

Let me know if I can be of any help!!!!

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The Snowflakes I got from Walmart & Target. The middle snowflake is a 36" and the next row is 24". The outside rows are 6" & 9" diameters (same ones I have on the eaves) and come 9 to a strand and each strand has their own controller that I set to twinkle when they come on. I also took the strands that had a couple of burned out flakes and just scattered them around on the roof. I want to make new snowflakes for this year from LEDs and coroplast. But I want to get my new arches done first.

Let me know if you have any further questions...I'll be glad to help...

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Thanks Doug, with that explanation and after taking a closer look I can see it now! I was playing with a little coroplast and LED tonight working out ideas in my head (so I can sleep tonight - was up all night last night with ideas running through my head). Thanks again for the clarification!

Andy Kiefer

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What type of lights (or are they strobes) are you using on your roof for that "snow" effect under the snowflake? I want to add something to my roof for 2011 and that might be an option. Thanks

I was wondering the same thing. My eyes were not picking up that they were snowflakes- maybe because they're so close together. Even so, I thought the effect was very neat!
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