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Concentric Stars+

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Started making stars and thought it would be cool to use them on the light pole ascending to the concentric star as well. Thought it turned out pretty good. The 5 foot concentric star sits on a 20 foot 2 by 2 pole made from square stock. There are ten spokes which attach to the star and radiate out with a 1 foot star on the end of each spoke. It's kind of hard to get an idea of scale in the videos, but this thing is pretty big, nearly 30 feet to the top star and a diameter of 13 feet. It held up great this year to a few days of unbelievable wind for our area, some gusts 40+ mph.

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GREAT JOB!!!! Adds a "New" dimension to "Firesticks and Stars" I will make mine similar to yours in coming year or so...next year...bi-colored arches!! When I am ready I will PM you for more details...maybe day time pics?!?!?! These would work GREAT for 4th of July display too!!!!

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