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Xtreme Holiday Expo

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I would like to take the opportunity to announce the first Xtreme Holiday Expo! This event will be held in Wichita, Kansas May 28 - 29th, 2011.

This event has been a work in progress for almost 3 yrs and I'm excited to be able to announce this event. We are proud of what we are working on and this event promises to be eventful, exciting, and a fun learning experience for all.

For more information go to www.xtremeholidayexpo.com

The price for the event will be $55 for both days, and the event is being held at the Best Western Airport Inn and Conference Center. They have agreed to a price of $85 per night for the event.

We are still looking for possible class ideas and even instructors for those classes. If you have knowledge and would like to share it with others, please pm me or email me at [email protected]

I would like feedback from everyone on their thoughts for this event!

Lyman Rate

Xtreme Holiday Expo


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I'm helping out with some of the logictical planning on this and Lyman is really trying to pull together a top notch event. So far he has two vendors lined up to be on location with products to sell and show off - one of which is a new player to the holiday lighting realm. There will be about 12-16 classes offered covering several topics, but he is taking the reins on getting top notch teachers for the event and classes that you can't get at the big event in Tennessee.

Things are heating up for the event and it should be a great one to attend. Make your plans now and get registered right away so you don't miss out on the best pricing available to the event.

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Ok Kansans -

This event won't run itself! The more the merrier and everyone is highly encouraged to attend. I have been fortunate to come up with a couple of great vendors so far, plus a couple of sponsors that will also be in attendance. One is El Wire... For those who don't really know what El Wire is: It's electrically charged wire that can be shaped into almost anything you can dream up. Comes in many colors and sizes. These guys have a really cool product and will be giving first hand demonstration and knowledge on how to use this product. They are coming all the way from California to show us how this stuff works.

Also working to get a couple classes that involve charities and legalities involved when taking donations, neighbors and traffic (we all have this happen at least once a year during the display), some Beyond Christmas (ok what about decorating for other stuff rather than just holidays?), just to mention a few.

I know that this event can be one fun one and I am working diligently to make sure that everyone really has fun and learns everything they can in just a short 2 days.

Friday night is a meet and greet with a open bar.

Saturday night I am working to procure a very special performer who is also nominated for a Grammy. Everyone knows and loves Judy Pancoast and so with everything working in the right sequence she will be the ending to a great day of learning, fun, and excitement.

Register now as the pricing is set to change in a short 2 wks back to the full price of $55! Right now its only $35! Saving you $20 bucks is enough to get some more lights for your display!!!!

Also one lucky registrant will be refunded their registration. So the event will be FREE to that one person! How Cool is that!

Needing some feedback and look forward to seeing everyone in May!!!

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Judy is COMING!!!! I'm excited to say that Judy will be there in person and giving us a truly special and wonderful concert Saturday night! We are lucky to have a Grammy Nominated singer perform and are truly looking forward to Saturday Night!

Registration is still underway and only 9 Days left for the early registration of $35! Once Feb 16th comes around the price goes back to $55! Don't delay register today!!

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