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Southeast Mini?!


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Ok...here is the post that I posted last night in the Bama section of life and Darlene Pino suggested that I post in the Georgia and Florida side of life too...so here it is!

Gina said 'I am SICK of hearing about how so and so is going to ICE or so and so is going to the NJ mini....we have got to have a BAMA mini! Everyone who is in favor of this say "I"

Gina: "I" '

Darlene Pino said' Southeast US or Alabama?

There has been talk of a Florida and a Georgia Mini in those forums.'

Gina said 'Either one! We can combine to have one big mini or not I am game with whatever....I live in Birmingham, Al and I have access to my church's auditorium (sits 400) and it is located right off of Hwy 65 and Hwy 280. Great restaurants and hotels all around it as well as a park right across the street. I am game for whatever....'

Darlene Pino said ' Why don't you cross post your message in the Fla and georgia sections and see if anyone is interested. we have the big PC Plus+ coming up in Gatlingburg, so I don't know if that would affect a SE mini or not. '

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I would definitly be game for this. I think Birmingham is fairly central to everyone in GA, Bama & FL.

Bout 2 hours from me.

Hope this works out. It would be cool to meet others from AL & FL and share ideas! As blearning and Jfelix said, I've been to both mini's here in GA and they were a ton of fun! Learned alot to, 2010 was only my second year animating so I still have lots to learn!

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Cliff; I'm about 150 miles west of you (18 miles north of the FL. border on HWY 75) and Darlene is about 160 north west you.

I would be interested in a Ga mini but it would be too much of a stretch for me to attend Birmingham. Darlene and John talked about hosting a Ga mini last year. I vote for Darlene. Anybody Else???

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This guy would go either way or both. There are a lot of people around the metro that have animated displays, some are not PC members. But I believe those people would get word regardless. It is going to be a matter of someone just taking the bull by the horns and doing it. Once it gets started as a definite I am sure people will come.

Whomever decides to take it on probably needs to move to the next step, date selection. I am curious how many Bama/FL/Miss. people might want to do a SE mini. But if there is both and the dates work, I will most likely attend both.

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