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LED Holiday lighting warranty / return info

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I'm sure many of us received this email - but as a former customer who is still waiting to receive part of my shipment, I just had to shake my head at this one and move on. However, I have to highlight this part because I still can't stop laughing:

"If the number of replacement strands we send is greater than the number we pick up from you, you will be charged for the difference in the number of strands at their retail price. "

(from LED Holiday Lighting)


As 2010 has winded down we know there are always some products that did not make it through the season. Our email today is about warranty items from 2010 purchases.

Our Warranty policy is below and as long as the product has not been modified in some way and was used as it is intended we will get it replaced for you. Please do note that if we do not have the product in stock currently it will be replaced this summer 2011. All warranties will have an order put in the system for tracking purposes and so that you have a copy of it as well.

We need you to respond to this email with your order number - the number of strands - color of lights - what is wrong with the strand etc. We need this information NO later than January 30th - so please reply to this email as soon as you can with the appropriate information.


QTY 2: C6 Green 70L 1/2 the strand is lighting up

Order number 13XXX

Warranty information:

Our warranty policy states that if the product is defective in its first season of use (within 90 days of install) we will replace it for you if notified by January 30th. Defective strands will be picked up by UPS and verified for deficiencies. If none are found, you will be charged a 15% restock fee, the cost of the strand and the cost to ship it back to you. If the number of replacement strands we send is greater than the number we pick up from you, you will be charged for the difference in the number of strands at their retail price. If we do not have any replacement strands available at the time, the warranty strand will be sent the following summer when product arrives for the season. Strands that have unchecked blown fuses, that have cut wires, excessive damage or are altered in any way will not be eligible for warranty.

Thank you and Happy New Year

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Well I guess I am one of the fortunate few. The 100 strings I bought from Travis in 2009 worked again this year. I may have had a total of two strings go bad. My 2010 order of another 100 strings has not been so fortunate. I had two strands delivered defective and I have another 10 that went bad during the season. So I intend to take advantage of his warranty offer. Additionally He or someone from his company have answered all of my emails promptly.

Conversely, every single strand of LEDS I purchased from SAMs 2007-2009 is now defective. They cost more than Travis charged and they all failed. The warranty requires a copy of the sales slip, the bar code from the original box and the defective strand to be sent back and I have to pay for shipping.

I have priced lights from other vendors that I know provide better communication but the lights from Travis cost less. When he offers his early order sale I will order again.

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I got the same email. I did email Travis 3 weeks ago about 5 strands out. I plan to send in for the warrenty and then if he takes care of it I will order from him again. I have placed two order from him in the past without any problems.

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Who is "Travis" so I know where to buy my lights from!?!?!?! I am looking at ordering from Ryan at Magic in the Sky Lighting...Any comments on him????

Travis is the owner of LED Holiday Lighting. I did orders for 2 years with him and both years the orders were screwed up. Never again.

Personally your best bet for LEDs is Paul from CDI, although I do see that Ryan is doing a first year order at Magic in the Sky and I wish him all the best and good luck with it. It would be nice to have a couple of new vendors on here to deal with that can get us LED strings at a fair price as well as backing up the warranty on them.


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Out of the 10 m5 strings I got from Travis, I had one full green fail, and the back half of another green string. Everything else I ordered were retro's, and no issues there.

If I don't get them back, no loss, they were bad anyway.

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I placed an order on July 5, 2010 and here it is January 9 and no product. He kept pushing back the ship date and then he said it would ship the day before or the day after Thanksgiving.

No word and email from him since then and I have tried more than a dozen times both by phone and by email.

There are tons of other vendors that have great prices and great product, order from them and don't take the risk.


"F" rating on BBB.

Luckily I paid via PayPal and there is a claim with them.

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I also received the same email from Travis. I too am one that is still waiting for lights that were ordered. After filing with the BBB, he replied with a a resolution that only covered half of what I was still owed. The BBB has now closed the case as unresolved. I am now proceeding with cc disputes.

The problem that I see with how he is doing the warranty is concerning, especially when he still owes lights to people. With the wording he can actually claim that there is nothing wrong with the lights when he receives them even though they are defective. When there are those of us still waiting for our orders, how can we trust Travis with being honest with his warranty.

I, myself, am claiming the defective lights with the cc dispute. This is the only way I can see any resolution with dealing with him.

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I think the biggest red flags for me is that if/when he actually ships out MORE replacement lights than what you sent via warranty transaction, he claims he has the right to charge shipping and full retail price for the lights he sent you by mistake... and... he states that if the warranty string you send in is "working" he'll charge you a 15% fee, plus charge you AGAIN for the string you purchased in the first place from him, and charge you shipping to send it back.... ????? So I buy a $10 string, and I claim it is faulty. I send it to him. He says it isn't faulty. He charges me 15% ($1.5) plus the retail price of his string (now $19.75 because it isn't presale) plus shipping (??? $5 for a string knowing him). So I paid $10 + now $1.5 + $19.75 + $5 - and at the end of the transaction, I get back the original string (or more likely, another person's faulty string so he can use my string to fill someone else's order?). Ugh.

Oh well - staying positive for 2011! I have a nice new vendor with great prices and a good vibe - awesome!

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